February 24, 2021

We will build the Insua PV project, in accordance with the requirements recently arranged with the European Chint Solar division of the multinational CHINT Group. Located in the region of Pias (Serpa, Portugal), the EPC agreement covers the detailed engineering design, construction, and supply of solar tracking solutions.

The facility, which will occupy an area of 85 hectares, will generate 48.5 MW of peak power, the production of which will prevent the emission of 55,280 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere annually, equivalent to the consumption generated by around 15,355 vehicles. With this new project, GRS strengthens its position in Europe, one of the markets where it expects to continue adding projects in 2021.

As our COO, Jordi Vega, explains: “It is especially important for us to consolidate our position in Europe and, in particular, in Portugal, a country where we want to maintain our activity, aligning our business with the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the European Union’s Agenda 2030“. The Insua photovoltaic plant will have 116,778 modules, which will produce approximately 90,132 MWh/year, enough energy to cover the electricity demand of 25,000 households.

In line with its commitment to creating local jobs in the countries where it builds and operates its photovoltaic projects, the company estimates that Insua “will involve around 250 employees, taking into account the construction, operation and maintenance phases,” says Vega.

Insua is expected to be operating at full capacity by the end of 2021.

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