20 of April 2022

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures Australia continues achieving new goals and has recently started generating clean energy at its solar farm in Metz, Australia.

The solar PV power plant, which is currently in advanced stages of construction, is expected to reach total capacity over the coming months. The plant will contribute to the energy needs and economic development of the local area while helping to drive Australia’s transition to green energy.

Covering 248 hectares and located in a rural area, the plant will eventually have a net annual energy production capacity of approximately 320,000 MWh, with an output of 115 MWac, capable of meeting the energy demand of up to 40,000 households. It´s estimated that when Metz Solar Farm reaches 100% capacity will avoid 288.000 tons of Co2 emissions every year.

So far, the project has positively impacted the local community, creating more than 100 jobs during construction with the potential for further job openings once the operations phase begins.

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Source: FRV