3 April 2020

. The Programa Plus Ultra de la Guardia Civil, which provides support to Spanish companies abroad, has become an effective channel to answer questions from people who work outside Spain in the current situation.

.The Operación Balmis de las Fuerzas Armadas has become the most important operation at the service of society in the recent history of Spain.

.Guardia Civil reinforces surveillance patrols to prevent displacement to second homes with the arrival of the weekend.

.From 4th April Renfe activates a new transport plan for medium distance and Avant, which will be an additional reduction of services to 25% of the usual compared to 33% that was until now.

Announcements and new measures:

. (B.O.E. 3rd April 2020): The Autonomous Communities could incorporate MIR personnel, VET technicians and professionals from the Instituto Nacional de Toxicología into their health services: Ministerio de Sanidad

.Ministerio de Transportes y Movilidad – Face masks: New criteria on the distribution of protective equipment for the transport sector.

.New regulations in terms of driver license for railway personnel: Ministerio de Transportes y Movilidad.

.Weapon license´s extension and new requirements for the personnel of private security companies: Ministerio de Interior.

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