15 June 2020

-The Government has presented the Automotive Industry Value Chain Promotion Plan (Plan de Impulso de la Cadena de Valor de la Industria de la Automoción ) which foresees investments of 3,750 million euros to promote the automotive sector.

-The plan will be aimed at the construction of electrical recharging infrastructures, promotion of digitization, investments in the industry value chain, progress towards sustainable mobility and professional training.


State of situation:

-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores) has enabled the service Connect International Mobility (Conecta Movilidad Internacional), to answer questions about professional trips abroad (restrictions of entry to other countries, quarantines or end date of the alarm status in Spain, have been the most asked questions)

-Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Sanidad) – Border restrictions. Order Ministerial that extends border controls for travelers from the European Union until the end of the State of Alarm.


Other documents of  interest:

– Medidas aprobadas por el Gobierno de España ante la pandemia de COVID-19.

Iniciativas de la UE en apoyo a las pymes.

Medidas de organismos internacionales.

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