17 April 2020

–  The Agencia Tributaria (Tax Agency) updates the document “Questions and Answers” on tax measures adopted in relation to the COVID-19 crisis, including those relating to the moratorium quarterly VAT payments.

– The Ministry of Health is updating the numbers of the incidents of the coronavirus in Spain in order to adapt them to the performance of seroprevalence and PCR tests.

– The Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) detects a scam that consists of making phone calls asking for donations to various institutions.

– AENA reports a slight increase in flights to European countries: 105 flights were recorded last Thursday the 16th of April.


Other documents of  interest:

Medidas aprobadas por el Gobierno de España ante la pandemia de COVID-19.

Iniciativas de la UE en apoyo a las pymes.

Medidas de organismos internacionales.


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