June 1, 2020

ACCIONA, through its ACCIONA Green Energy Developments division, was Spain’s largest 100% renewable energy retailer in 2019, according to data published by Spain’s National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC).

According to the CNMC’S annual report on Guarantees of Origin (GoO), ACCIONA provided its customers with 5,923GWh of certified renewable electricity in 2019. This amount represents 11.5% of the total renewable supply certified by the competition regulator last year.

The CNMC, through Law3/2013 of June 4th, oversees the management of Spain’s System of Guarantees of Origin (GoO), which is in charge of accrediting the renewable origin of consumers’ electricity. The system certified a total 51,571GWh of renewable electricity last year to final customers. Renewable energy represented 37% of the Spanish electricity mix.

Santiago Gómez Ramos, ACCIONA’s director of Energy Management, considers “The fact that we are a 100% renewable electricity retailer and that we have been accredited by regulatory administrations means that our clients can completely trust that their supplier prioritizes the decarbonization of power supplies”.

ACCIONA is the only company listed on the Ibex-35, Spain’s main stock market index, which generates and markets only energy from renewable sources. Each year, the CNMC has awarded ACCIONA an A rating, the lowest environmental impact rating on a scale of A to G. This is thanks to the fact that the group’s electricity generation activity does not emit CO2 or radioactive waste.

ACCION, with over 10,300MW of renewable generation assets, has been selected once again as the world’s most sustainable electricity company according to the New Energy

Top 100 Green Utilities ranking, compiled annually by Energy Intelligence, an independent consultancy firm specializing in power markets

ACCIONA supplies 100% renewable energy to more than 500 companies and institutions worldwide, contributing to their decarbonization and climate change mitigation strategies. ACCIONA’s clients include Apple, Bimbo, Merck, Asics, Unilever, Google, Maersk and Robert Bosch.

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