ACCIONA Energia’s largest wind farm in Australia has recently received the environmental approval and will begin its construction in Q2 2022.The site, which will be 70% owned by ACCIONA Energía and 30% owned by Ark Energy, marks a major milestone in Queensland’s ambition to achieve a 50% renewable energy target by 2030.

The MacIntyre Wind Farm will be located in Queensland’s Southern Downs, 60kms west of Warwick. Consisting of 162 wind turbines the site will be built, owned and operated by ACCIONA Energía. The turbines will generate 923MW of renewable electricity annually offsetting 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 each year.

ACCIONA Energía Managing Director, Brett Wickham, said that the project will deliver reliable and sustainable energy to the grid helping to achieve renewable energy targets.“MacIntyre will demonstrate that large scale renewable energy projects are not only efficient, but they are also effective at delivering reliable and clean electricity into the grid,” said Mr. Wickham.

The site will bring AUD$1.7 billion worth of investment into Queensland creating over 350 jobs throughout the construction and operations phases. When completed the project will be capable of providing enough power to meet the energy needs of 620,000 homes. The area chosen for the project was selected because of its strong and consistent wind resource, its proximity to a connection point to the power grid and the positive reception the proposal received from landowners and the broader local community.

The MacIntyre Wind Farm will be constructed with a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that will ensure environmental impacts are managed in accordance with State and Federal requirements, using best practices. The EMP sets out clear commitments to minimise the project’s environmental footprint with as little impact on local flora and fauna as possible.

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