1 October 2019

Ferrari is one of the most desirable automobiles in the world and the brand is the epitome of luxury.  So, when Ferrari Australasia introduced the new Ferrari F8 Tributo to the Australasian market in August, the launch event deserved only the very best. Cosentino supplied the custom-built Silestone® bar that served as a popular gathering point for the coveted occasion.

Ferrari launched the F8 Tributo on Wednesday 28 August at Sydney’s White Bay Cruise Terminal in Rozelle. Designed and produced by Flare Creative Experiences, the black-tie event celebrated the history of Ferrari V8 and showcased the newest Italian creation.

Flair Creative approached Cosentino for the custom bar, wanting a brand that aligned with Ferrari’s luxury design and high performance. Cosentino worked with the fabricator, Interior Marble, to create a design that was functional for the space and purpose and showcased Silestone® applications. The 16-square-metre hexagon-shaped bar provided staff and guests with 360-degrees service and access, and the shape showed off the polished Silestone® Eternal Marquina on all sides and surfaces.

Inspired by natural stone, Silestone® Eternal Marquina is a dramatic, high-impact black with white veining. Interior Marble used a water jet to carve the Silestone® logo into the side panels and backed it with a Ferrari-red LED light. The construction took three days, and made of removable panels, the bar is fully collapsible and can be backlit with other branded colours.

The Silestone® bar was front and centre at the staging area of the event, and guests enjoyed Negroni and Mumm while they waited for the Ferrari F8 Tributo to be unveiled.

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